Ever been to a yoga class and felt so out of place that you never went back?  It’s okay! I have to. Yoga is an intimidating activity for many. The stereotypical person who goes to a yoga class is someone who has already mastered the poses, knows all the names of them, and can do them with ease. This makes people think they are not good enough or flexible enough to take part in this activity. In reality, everyone can benefit from doing some form of stretching exercise even if it’s not on their mat at home or in a studio setting.

Yoga has many benefits, and it can be a wonderful experience when done in the right setting. However, for some people who are new to yoga, they may feel hesitant to take part in a class because of their lack of knowledge or any physical limitations. It’s hard to feel comfortable in a yoga class when you’re not sure what to do. You don’t know where to put your mat, which way is the front of the room, or how many other people are going to be there.