Muskoka Yoga Festival: 

The Best Family Outing

If you have never tried Yoga exercises, then look at the upcoming Muskoka Yoga Festival in Canada. It is an event with a varied audience. People come from all walks of life just to come and witness the famous event with the activities that come with it.

How do you bond as a family? What do you prefer, an indoor family outing or an outdoor one? Both are ideal depending on several factors like:

  • the weather of the day
  • the taste of individual family member
  • The age that makes the family

When looking for a difference in a family outing while in Canada, then the annual Muskoka Yoga festival is the best plot for you. It is a simple event that needs minimal preparation. Moreover, it is a form of exercise away from the sedentary life that family members are used to.

A welder father can use the chance to explain the function of a compact plasma cutter; how a pair of welding boots with rubber sole keeps you safe, thanks to its flexibility. It’s a free moment he can tell a story about the challenges he experiences as a welder. On the other hand, the children also ask their father what it takes to make welded tools they see as they move around the festival venue.

What should you prepare …?

  • Right clothing, heavy or light depending on the weather
  • Book your slot early
  • Get a health check-up to suit the best yoga exercise for you
  • Get your tickets soon enough


  1. Exposes you to meditation techniques and its positive effects

Yoga promotes meditation. Have you used conventional medicine to treat an emotional illness? It is obvious that it has bored fruits. It is, therefore, of importance to try guided meditation as the best form of treatment.

Are you hearing the word for the first time? Or rather, have you read it in books and the internet with no opinion on what you should do to practice it? The Muskoka festival comes in handy to introduce you to this successful form of therapy.

  1. Gives you an opportunity to access the market

This is a two-day event. Do you expect to practice Yoga throughout the time you are at the festival? Of course, no, this is one event that every family member will find something interesting to engage in. Moreover, it is an event that attracts lots of vendors, for they know that this is a free market.

  1. Practice some form of exercise

As part of the healthy eating, diet goes hand in hand with exercise. The event incorporates other forms of physical exercises as well as activities to cater to the varied audience associated with the event.

You can run or paddle or splint or booth shop or attend a social media as you desire. It is an event for all family members to have fun and have sweet moments. 

  1. A participant in the environmental conservancy

 The topic of environmental conservation and climate change fills most of the media pages. As long as you attend the festival, you indirectly help to conserve the environment for a percentage of the ticket sales goes towards the Muskoka Conservancy environmental conservation projects.

Avoid sedentary life during the holiday. When working on a low budget and you do not want to leave Canada, just opt to be a local tourist and attend the festival. Conversely, when in Canada as an international visitor and short of options of where to take the family, check the diary and see if it is in line with festival dates.


Have fun, and enjoy your two days while at Muskoka Festival.


Why should you opt for the Muskoka Yoga festival as a family?

  1. Promotes healthy eating- pure vegan diet

A family outing is a time to engage in all forms of eating. This is an event of its own kind- no animal products. In case you have had a challenge on how to change your diet even for the kids, then this is the opportune time.

Do you think a child will stay hungry for long simply because he wants the BBQ chicken? You can only do that only if you have an option; otherwise, you will eat what is available.

  1. An activity to save the environment through recycling

Apart from just the fun, there is also the aspect of environment conservancy that the event promotes. This is the basis of the beginning of this festival. In line with the objective, all activities carried out in this area are geared towards environment conservation. Look at the recycled products and the kind of diet served in the festival.

  1. Promotes recycling

The main aim of the festival is to raise funds for Muskoka conservancy. It explains the reason why most of the utensils and cutlery used are recycled products. This helps to give the participants a first-hand experience of what is expected when environmentalists advocate for environment-friendly products like the recycled ones. It includes water bottles, straws, and takeaway containers among others.

  1. Gives you a refreshing environment

Muskoka is a town miles away from Toronto, in the middle of a jungle. The choice of the venue is not an error- thanks to the refreshing environment your family enjoys. The interaction with nature uplifts your spirit. You enjoy sight-seeing and the nice breeze from the trees away just to appreciate flora and fauna.